My wife and I grew up in the same small Midwest town. I was a math geek in school and have kind of been known as a “numbers guy” all my life. I’m sure you’re thinking, “how do pizza and math go together?” Well, I’ll tell you. We worked our way through college at the local pizza joint serving Midwest style thin and Detroit style thick pizza, just like you’re going to have today. I guess you could say that we fell in love over pizza!

Sounds a little nerdy I know because we sort of are. Soon after, we married, pursued careers, and made our way to Texas. And yes, numbers were involved! It’s been almost 25 years now and we’ve come full “circle” or full “square” I should say.

Hang tight; you’ll know what I mean by that in a minute. We made some of our best memories working in that local pizza joint, and have since learned that it doesn’t get much better than this.…family, friends, and great pizza “topped” with a little math! Hang out, share a Pi, and start making some of your own great memories at Pi Squared Pizza.

Kevin & Theresa

Your Pi Squared Family